Gladiator Armory

You have entered the Armory. Rows upon rows of weapons and items lie around just waiting to be picked up. Four guards eye you warily, cataloging the items you choose. Each item is labeled and named.

The very Large ogre in the corner grunts “Pick 3, you might be winner!” and giggles awkwardly to himself. In the far corner, a half-ogre grimaces and shakes his head ruefully.

Item List: 1-5th lvl pearls of power. Necklace of Kharma. Various Ioun stones. Various +3 weapons. Various +3 armor. Ring of prot +2 Amulet of Resistance +3 some other junk I will fill in later.

Mundane Items: Spell Reagents Nets, rope, mundane weapons, arrows, most things you might need. 5 potions of cure moderate wounds.

Gladiator Armory

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