Character Creation Rules

Rules: 6th level Gestalt starting character.

Alternate Gestalt rules: May use templates or monster races on single side of gestalt. If you use no templates gain a bonus feat at every even level. This is to help balance templates a bit, so non-templated or monster characters can still have some bonus.

Example: lvl 6 Half celestial Cleric

1 Half Celestial/Cleric 1

2 Half Celestial/Cleric 2

3 Half Celestial/cleric 3

4 Half Celestial/Cleric 4

5 Fighter 1/Cleric 5

6 Fighter 2/Cleric 6

You do not gain results of templates until that template is fully finished. (no savage progressions) Can’t add templates after campaign has started, unless you work it out with DM.

*Alternate character Wealth rules: Low item use campaign – This campaign will not use the normal wealth rules. Instead, a variety of magical and mundane items will be available to you in the Gladiator Armory. You will be allowed 10 minutes to arm and prepare yourselves with 3 magic items and limited mundane items before each battle. A list of what is in the armory will appear in the wiki eventually. These items will be taken from you after each battle. Items may be asked for – items that might have been taken from you when you were captured.

To create a character for this campaign, just go to the Characters tab up top and create a character, and choose this campaign from the drop down menu to assign him.

Character Creation Rules

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