You are in a dark room. You might be eaten by a grue.

Whatever your history, you have no idea what happened recently or how exactly you got here. You were probably adventuring with friends… you remember vaguely some of the details but it is all very hazy.

The only thing that you are absolutely certain of is that you are in a room you that seems vaguely familiar, with no memory of how you got there. You hear some voices outside the large door and occasionally the distant roar of a crowd. The room looks a bit familiar, like something out of your childhood, you recognize the decorations as appropriate for your culture and upbringing. You feel a certain sense of ease, despite the oddity of your situation.

We’ll be playing this game at some point in the future using webcam and Skype conferencing. Schedule of play time will come when you guys tell me how often/when you want to play. First 3-4 play sessions are pretty much ready whenever.

The campaign will be fast paced and mostly combat. The character creation guidelines are HERE Character Creation Rules.

If you have any questions, post them on the Comments page. More information and flavor will be added to taste.

Also, feel free to post any of your past characters here, depending on who is around we may use any characters that we have played in the past, whether it’s your level 25 guys from Matt’s Campaign, or your lvl 5 evil Guys from frank’s Olithans campaign.

The Colosseum

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